Scotland 2015: Day 7

At breakfast in Dunvegan. My friends all complained that my breakfast photos didn’t have any tomatoes. Well look! Tomatoes! Are you happy now? And no – I didn’t eat them…
The porridge was just right!
Here it is! Ladies & gentleman the famous (or infamous) Misty Isle Hotel.
Dunvegan Castle. Seat of the Clan MacLeod (yes, you can all scream now) and still being lived in after 800 years!  Unlike the others places so far, this castle has been greatly expanded and renovated since the print. Castle #16 – Print #4.
Today was lots of driving on very small roads …
I mean small roads – and steep too!
Kilt rock!! – Nature #5 and…
Mealt Falls (Kilt rock in the backround) – Nature #6
Isn’t it just pretty?
Never use your cell phone to try and take a picture of the timetable on the ferry sign! Today was a lot of ferries. I am trying to get to the Outer Islands which is especially tricky without proper planning or reservations. With a strike looming in several days (no kidding) I spent my downtime on the boats wisely  – researching.  I now have a complete itinerary for the next 7 days which will take me to Aberdeen and then afterwards if I have to make cuts – I will. Regardless, I am going to make it to Shetland!!
A good British lunch!
Finally the sun came out on the Isle of Harris – where they make the tweed. It’s not Harris Tweed unless it’s from Harris!!!
Did I mention it finally got nice out?
Yes, that’s an otters crossing sign!
That is a scallop – yum! With a foot – ick!
The Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard and Cream made up for the scallop foot (icky!)  One can not live on Sticky Toffee Pudding every night! This entire side-quest has been about going to a friend of mine’s ancestral castle. It had better be good!
PANIC! I lost my Historic Scotland card! Before I left I joined Historic Scotland which gives you free admission to a ton of the historic places I was visiting (most of the castles and cathedrals) and also a discount at the gift shops! I emailed them and let them know what happened and they graciously wrote me an email which I showed to everyone for the rest trip which instructed everyone to let me in for free and to give me the discounts. Historic Scotland is a class act! Also the number of things I went to in their booklet is crazy.
Scotland 2015 Totals
Days: 7
Prints: 4
Castles: 16
Churches: 5
Historic: 4
Nature: 6
Prehistoric: 3
Map Day 7: The Isle of Skye to Loch a Charnain
Map Week 1: