Welcome to From Castle to Castle Films!

From Castle to Castle Films creates movies (and such) about castles & culture.  We travel all over the world creating original programming (that is both entertaining & educational) in films, books, & photography, books.  Join us on one of our adventures across time, space, and culture!

FYI – we have NOTHING to do with RedBull or RedBull racing, I have been going From Castle To Castle since 2000 and running this website since 2006.  They chose to ignore this fact when they did their From Castle to Castle video and campaign.  Please let them know you don’t approve of them stepping on the little guy just because they can. #redbullruinedmybrand

Summer 2022 – New videos are posted to TikTik – check out From Castle to Castle: Ireland for updates!

Summer 2018 – From Castle to Castle Scotland: The Book is coming out soon! Check out the freshly edited blog!

Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes

FYI Back in 2015 we were hacked and sometimes there are leftover items missing – if you see something let us know.

And of course here is the teaser 100 places in 29 days.