Support Us

First, I would gratefully like to thank the Maison Fran├žaise de Cleveland Fund for their generosity and support of the 2009 expedition to France and the Cleveland Institute of Art for their support of the 2013 followup.

I have decided to stop running “active” fundraisers (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc) so this is the only solicitation on the site (except for the items for purchase – and you know you want a print!).

Of course I am always open for sponsors and support to help cover production and post-production expenses for projects. If you are interested in providing support – please contact me. I will acknowledge any contributions via on-screen credit and of course fawn over you on the website and in blog posts!

If you have any questions or are interested in funding any of these projects (in full or part) please feel free to email me: at or call me at 216-288-6349.

I am also accepting donations to help support this site, upcoming expeditions, or current post-production costs.
All donations are greatly appreciated and we will place your name on our thank you page.