Scotland 2015: Day 6

Normally, I do each of these posts from my hotel room. But the B&B I stayed at had no Internet so I had to do this entire entry at dinner!
Breakfast – the patty on the right is haggis and it was yummy!!!
First thing I did was stock up today: An umbrella, A coat, Batteries, and some Ibuprofen
Stopped by an actual catalog store!!! I remember catalog stores.
Didn’t get the braces just liked the picture… because the called them braces!
Also some food 🙂 mmm salmon
I went back to Glencoe because it was on the way and also because the highlands are gorgeous – lots of rain and fog though…
This was right there on the way to Ben Nevis, but not on my original list. Castle #14 – Inverlochy Castle.
Ben Nevis Range. This is the tallest mountain in the UK! Nature #2
At the Ben Nevis Gondola Station.
You can take a Gondola about half way up the mountain. It was described to me as a proper James Bond gondola. It was awesome and I was alone in my own gondola. About 15 min up and 15 down. It was really weird when I went through the fog!
People were taking their bikes up the mountain.
Because there is a crazy crazy dirt bike path all the way down!!!
I went down via the gondola.
They claim that this is the most photographed thing in Scotland! I hate these types of boasts. It is silly.
Castle #15 – Eilean Donan Castle
People still live in part of it – they filmed the Bond film – The World is Not Enough and Highlander here…
Driving across the Isle of Skye and viewing the Cuillin Hills – Nature #3
The Highlands – Nature #4
So it’s getting late and I am racing across the Isle of Skye trying to find a place to stay – nothing. Every place is booked and I keep heading deeper into the island.  At a hotel (with no rooms) I am told that the last city (where the castle I am going to in the morning) has 3 hotels.  The man tells me this and then warms me “Don’t stay at The Mysti Isle”. I told him beggars can’t be choosers and he told me it would be better if I slept in the car. I laughed. 20 miles later I am at a B&B that has just sold their last room and the owner of the B&B also mentioned the 3 hotels and says to avoid The Mysti Isle. To told him I am running out of places to look and he said “If I saw you going in there I would call the police” then he laughed and with dead serious look said “If you stay at The Mysti Isle you leave with more than you came with.”
I found a B&B.
2018 Update: I’m telling you it was downright spooky. When I re-read this now, you are probably all thinking bedbugs. But it seemed a lot more haunted the way that everyone was warning me!
Last pictures for the night and a shout-out to the Waterside Cafe Bistro for letting me use their WiFi and making me an awesome dinner and more sticky toffee pudding.  A friend and I once had an idea about cheesing it around France – now I am sticky pudding-ing it around Scotland.
Scotland 2015 Totals
Days: 6
Prints: 3
Castles: 15
Churches: 5
Historic: 4
Nature: 4
Prehistoric: 3
Map Day 6: North Connell to The Isle of Skye