Scotland 2015: Day 3

At The Cedars Guest House, another hearty breakfast this time with beans and black pudding. I keep eating the toast before I take the picture!

I almost ran off the road because of this sign!
Pucks Glen in Dunoon is described as “dark and atmospheric trail is a magical experience full of tumbling burn, cross-crossed by bridges and is enclosed by rocky walls heavily hung with mosses and overshadowed by dense trees.”
It was raining and then it stopped but I only hiked for about 30 min because it got pretty slick and started raining again.  Nature #1
Inveraray Castle – Castle #5. They filmed the Dowton Abbey Christmas special here, which everyone won’t stop talking about. In the upper left is the Dun na Cuaiche Watchtower going to label that Historic #3.
This was in the kitchen.
Little bit of a misadventure here – this is a long narrow road. The wrong road.
The road was blocked by gates that you had to open and close because of the cattle.
It dead ended in a loch (lake) and then I had to turn around!
I then hiked past the cattle through the field – Keills Chapel – Church #5 – this was by mistake.
The great High Cross at Keills Chapel.
This is what I was looking for a massive ruin! Castle Sween – Castle #6. Next to the Castle Sween Trailer Park.
Dinner at Glenorchy Lodge Hotel
Sticky Toffee Pudding!
Scotland 2015 Totals
Days: 3
Prints: 2
Castles: 6
Churches: 5
Historic: 3
Nature: 1
Map Day 3: Dunoon to Dalmally