Scotland 2015: Day 4

So the day started out lovely at Glenorchy Lodge Hotel with some salmon and eggs and black currant jam on toast. The innkeeper remarked that I missed a great castle on the way in. Not quite backtracking (I took different roads) and I started on another unplanned misadventure on a very cold and very rainy day.
This I meant to visit – it’s raining in the picture! Castle #7 – Kilchurn Castle Ruins
Totally worth the backtrack in the rain. Castle #8 – Carnasserie Castle.
Still at Carnasserie Castle. How am I meant to pass through that opening?
Nether Largie Standing Stones (and sheep) in the rain! A new category – Prehistoric #1
Temple Wood Stone Circle – Prehistoric #2. And now it is pouring rain!
One more very strange detour before I head back to my list – Clach Na Sula Bridge – this 200 year old bridge is crossing over THE ATLANTIC! That’s right this bridge is connected to an island – the Isle Of Seil – Historic #4.
Driving over the bridge is insane!! Taking picture while driving over the bridge, even more so.
Cmon! Really? That’s how you run a shop? I’ve never been to an honest shop before. I’m a city boy!
I arrived at Dunstaffnage Castle just as they were closing but they still let me take my photos. Clearly the artist who made made this picture took a lot of liberty with the geometries Castle #9 – Print #3.  Also, these are not the original prints! I made copies before I left.  The pictures with the prints and the actual place like you see here are just quick reference shots I did with my iPhone.  The real photos are with my better camera and much better!
At Oban Harbour. Why not push on and catch the car ferry to the Isle of Mull?
So I’m on the ferry and I see this on the map: Local Magnetic Anomaly WTF???
When I got off the ferry I figured I would peak at the castle I was heading to see in the morning but it is covered in scaffolding. This means none of the pictures will be great and I can get the best I can get now and I can move on in the morning. Duart Castle – Castle #10.  I also have a great shot in the rain from a distance where it is just this shadowed silhouette.
But wait! What’s that through the mist? The privately owned Torosay Castle! Castle #11.  Yes it counts because I got a good picture and I might go visit it in the morning.
The only WiFi at the Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa is in the lobby so everyone is eating bar food for dinner. I had more sticky toffee pudding for dessert. So that’s my day! Now off to the wireless void that is my room and more castles and such tomorrow!
I am just about to go to sleep when I feel something sticky on my forehead and I reach up and find my head is covered in blood!!! After I stopped panicking I cleaned the wound. How in the hell did I get a wound? After some pressure it stopped bleeding. How I cut myself I have no idea? Will this scar? Will the hotel bill me for the blood? It was everywhere. I’m fine and have no idea how this happened!
Scotland 2015 Totals
Days: 4
Prints: 3
Castles: 11
Churches: 5
Historic: 4
Nature: 1
Prehistoric: 2
Map Day 4: Dalmally to Craignure