Scotland 2015: Day 5

So the theme of the day is “the road less traveled”.  Having done what I came to do on the Isle of Mull last night I decided to have a quick adventure and then take the scenic road to Glascoe. I had hoped to see Glascoe either this afternoon or spend the night in or around it. In the spirit of “the road less traveled” I present what came with breakfast… If you don’t know what Marmite is – you should look it up.
Still on the Island of Mull. Such an inviting sign!!! However it had been raining and the grazing field (which is full of sheep) was very very deep and very very muddy!!
The gate and the very very large and muddy field (like a mine field of quick sand) leading to the stone circle.
After all the hiking in the mud it was totally worth it!! This is amazing. The Stone Circle in Lochbuie – Prehistoric #3.
Down the road from the stone circle Castle #12 – Moy Castle.
So instead of taking the ferry back to the mainland I headed north to Castle #13 – Aros Castle.
I was careful!
This is small town living!!
From one way country roads and sheep to ferry boats today was an adventure. Here are some highlights of the road less traveled…
Last photo for the night – a proper fish-n-chips!!
And now the irony. I arrived in the city I wanted to spend the night in but no hotels.  There was a huge race in town and all the hotels were booked. I went online and the only hotel in a 50 mile radius was almost right back in the city I started from 12 hours previously! I didn’t fully backtrack to where I started but it was pretty close.
Scotland 2015 Totals
Days: 5
Prints: 3
Castles: 13
Churches: 5
Historic: 4
Nature: 1
Prehistoric: 3
Map Day 5: Craignure to North Connell