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From Castle to Castle Films creates movies about castles & culture.  We travel all over the world creating original programming (that is both entertaining & educational) in films, books, & photography, books.  Join us on one of our adventures across time, space, and culture!

Summer 2017 – From Castle to Castle Scotland: The Book is coming out soon!

Summer 2016 – Now that the French Minister of Culture has encouraged photography by visitors, several museums have lifted their photo and video bans – so I am heading back to Paris to complete some b-roll for Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes.

Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes

Update: April 2015 – We are back!  (Well technically we never left).  First – the site was hacked pretty bad – and I had to clean things out behind the scenes.  Much damage was done – but NO data was lost.  Second – while the blogging from the 2013 expedition ended half way through I have decided to go back and finish the blog entries to give a sneak peak on the visuals and story of the film, so expect to see that finished pretty soon.  Third – editing is slow but it is underway – we have been reviewing footage and while delayed the film is in fact being edited.

And of course here is the teaser 100 places in 29 days.

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