Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes

Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes
A Documentary Film Project

What is the film about?

“Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes” is a documentary travel film that invites you, the viewer, to join us on a whirlwind adventure around France as we scour the countryside for history, culture, food, & art.  Together we explore numerous monuments, castles, cathedrals, places of historic and cultural significance affording the widest possible vision of France.

The feature length (90-120 minute) film will be in English (some interviews will be in French with English subtitles). The final film will be screened locally, produced and distributed on Blu Ray & DVD, and available for streaming online.

So has the filming already started?

In 2009, co-director Jared Bendis took a small crew to France to start the film (with airfare courtesy of the Maison Française de Cleveland fund). That expedition produced some great footage (and interviews).  We have decided to go back and cast a wider net that includes prehistory, the ancient world, the modern world, and all manner of art, culture, and cuisine.

Educator’s Resource Guide & Factbook

As a supplement to the film, we are producing an “Educator’s Resource Guide & Factbook”.  The Guide/Factbook is targeted at middle & high school students and offers additional insights on many subjects including: French Culture, French Cuisine, French Language (on a practical and introductory level), French & World History, & Art History.

We also include smart & economical travel tips to assist students (and adults) on their own adventures.  While the film is designed to be ‘edutainment’ (educational & entertaining) both of the filmmakers are educators and the Guide/Factbook will mirror much of the research that has gone into the planning of the film.  The final Guide/Factbook will be published in print and also made available as a free eBook.

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The blog has started!  Updates about the trip and the planning are online here.