What about the fun stuff?

I just realized that all of these posts make it look like the prep is all about work.

Come 4pm on Sunday the fun really begins.

For the first several weeks I will be on the Archeology Survey so I really don’t have much planning to do. When I get there – they will tell me where to go and what to do. Everywhere has a specific area they research and study but they like to have me where the action is. I photographed all of the pottery at the museum last year and this year they said I am going to shoot the large stone inscriptions.

After my weeks there I hit Istanbul with Tim.

Last summer I had a great tour of Istanbul and really have a good checklist of what I want to see again and what I missed. I also have longer to spend which allows me a little more breathing room.

Whenever I visit a place I always stop and purchase the guidebook so I have reference when I get home. Today I need to triage those books and make a list of what I purchased so I won’t purchase it again. It is tempting to want to bring the books to have them with you but like most people I purchase the book after the visit so I will be fine with leaving them at home. Oh the savings in weight and money!

I am also trying to plan a day trip to Cappadocia!
They pick you up from your hotel, take you to the airport, fly you to Cappadocia, pick you up from the airport, tour you around, buy you lunch, take you back to the airport, fly you back to Istanbul, and take you back to your hotel. If I can get the right dates its going to be less than $300!

I will post more about the proposed itinerary as that portion of the trip gets closer.  With the exception of the day trip though I am going to keep it loose.  Have a big checklist but let the order flow naturally.

More updates soon!