I'm so tired… :) Oh and the packing is almost done!

So its 4:30 am and I should be in bed.  My flight is in 12 hours so I will get a nap before I leave.

I’ve been really working on the packing.

The final inventory is:

Pentax K5 Camera with Battery Grip – 3 Batteries, 2 Chargers, wireless remote, AC Adapter, and a whole lot of memory cards and a card reader.

3 Lenses: 10-20mm, 18-200mm, 70-300mm

2 Tripod Legs, 4 tripod heads, a  stereo slider bar, and an object VR turntable

2 cool lights and AC Transformers, a white balance reflector combo, and color bars

2 Geologgers

Camera, sensor, and lens cleaning kit

Macbook and Charger (and output cables), Headset Microphone,  external HD and a ColorSpace HD

iPhone, iPad, chargers, Headphones

AC Adapters, European Power Strips, and Plug Adapters

Electro-stim unit for my back with extra back pads

Wand Scanner

2 Liter Hydration Bladder

Toiletries and Towels

14 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 16 pairs of socks and undies, pajamas, swimsuit, shower shoes and a set of boots

11×14″ and 8×10″ Photographs

Biz Cards

Luggage Scale

My Cane, My Vest,  and a Portable Toilet

Why a portable toilet? Because the toilets in Turkey look like this:

So I do this:

See you at the airport!