France 2004 – Day 16-17 : Damn

I had this whole thing typed and my time ran out – it’s the damn euro keyboard.

Anyways – when I left the last Internet Cafe to get my film they where closed for lunch – so I stopped at the crepery next store and got a lovely crepe – creme de marron and chantilly – sweet chestnut paste and whipped cream – anyways – the lady doesn’t speak English and asks where I am from – she then pulls out a map an English tour guide booklet and shows me all the sights in town – the roman theatre – The Port d’Arroux, The ruins of the temple of Janus, The Porte Saint Andre and these twin hills Les Telots – by the time I was done visiting everything my film was ready.

This was the roll of 1600 speed film I shot in the underground gorge and river and several of my 4 second exposures did come out – like 3 – so that was good news.

On the way north I saw the Chateau de Couches and after a hearty dinner and q very long drive I slept in the car in Ribeuville – in the town square with all the Caravans – don’t worry it’s the last night I sleep in the car.

Ribeauville is in France but I think it used to be Germany and it certainly felt like that part of Epcot. On the hill by the city is 3 ruined castles and while I got lost in the forest on a dirt road for several hours – I never got very close.

My next stop was the Chateau de Haut Koenigsbourg – rebuild by Willhelm II which was funny because in the pamphlet next to it they put “The Kaiser”. It was very nice and very rebuilt worth the long drive.

The next long drive was to Sedan and along the way I saw the Chateau de Montmedy.

The Chateau-Fort de Sedan is the largest fortified castles in all of Europe – so it boasts – The inner courtyard was a construction site – I snuck in – and the outside was nice – it rained for 5 minutes and I headed off to Reins.

I found a hotel with a huge deep bathtub for 30e and I’m thrilled.

So here is the thing. Tomorrow morning I see the Cathedral and the roman ruins. That is my entire list.

SO far 6268km – 94 Castles – 16 church like things – 15 interesting things

So…. I’m going to sneak into Paris tomorrow find myself a cheap room for 2 nights and relax – I am on vacation y’know??

I so need to watch TV other than the BBC and listen to people talk English other than the BBC – I want to see Harry Potter!!!

OK I’m done – I might write from Paris…

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]