France 2004 – Day 15-16 : Last for a bit….

I got up and went to the Volcano Puy de Dome which has a steep but well paved road to the top. What was insane where the SWARMS of bugs that impaled the car all the way up and persisted to impale everyone as we walked around – it was alike a wall of insects. I survived and saw all the volcanoes in the region as well as the Ruins of the Roman Temple of Mercury.

On the road in Volvic I saw a Chateau which I am calling the Chateau de Volvic until I learn otherwise.

Vienne was a great town – a Chateau on the way In I am told my have been the Archbishops Chateau but I will learn more when I get home. The Temple d’August et de Livie was very amazing – these 2000 year old building that just stand there are kind of neat.

They also had a Theatre Romaine and I walked around there at my leisure. They also had a Centre Ancien a sort of park and gateway in the middle of the city.

After Vienne I went to Lyon and finally found what I was looking for – a parking space. That and the 2 Roman Theatres the small Odean and the large Grand Theatre. Starting the next day they would have events but for now it was open to the public – but not for close inspection because they were ‘setting up’.

Well their security isn’t very good because I managed to photograph the smaller one from above and I walked around the large one and even got on the stage.

Slept in the car at a rest stop in Macon and then visited another very ruined but lovely Roman Theatre in Autun where I am right now waiting for my film.

I then drive to Strasbourg and the French Alps.

See ya soon.

Total so far 5414km- 85 castles – 15 temples/religious things – 15 places of interests.

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]