France 2004 – Day 1 : They Took Everything

So I get back to my car and I’ve been robbed.

All that was left – 120 rolls of film – my cane – my umbrella – a hair tie – and the road atlas.

I spent the afternoon filing a police report.

The bad news is – no VR, no panoramas, no virtual world tests, no video.

But I have my film camera and film so the show goes on. They didn’t get my Nikon 880 but I will have to buy batteries for it since they stole the charger and the spares.

My friend Michelle lent me a charger for my handheld and as Wendy said the rest is just stuff. Now the here is hoping insurance company likes my list!

I need clothes and toiletries.

FYI I photographed 4 castles today
-Chateau Chantilly – nice but I got robbed
-Chateau Pontarne – I think it is privately owned
-Chateau Raray – A hotel
-Chateau d’Aramont – I don’t know what it was and it looked like it would fall down soon

I am in Valenciennes – without the video camera or the meter for the 3D camera shooting should go faster and I should shoot more spots.

I hate European keyboards.

Night all

Summary Day 1 – 4 Castles, 0 Possessions

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]