France 2004 – Day 1 : Crazy Crazy Day!!!

Well I arrived in Paris. No lost luggage or anything.

I was clever and only got 20 dollars changed at the airport because the rates are bad – more on that in a second.

So I pick up the car – get it all set up an comfy and get on the road.

I see a sign for Chateau Chantilly and figure even though it wasn’t on my list – why not?

It was great – got some great shots and they have an amazing art collection.

The funny thing is I spent all my cash on admission to the castle and then the lady reminded me that banks are closed on Mondays – this is not good.

At the gift shop they sold 3D photos which I got and a book on Durher which is very nice – they have a huge private collection – I almost got to see but the lady had a tour.

So on a bit of whimsy I went walking through the gardens and actually got lost – the GPS was in the car but with that much cover it light not have helped anyways.

I got lucky when I spotted an employee leaving through a locked gate and snuck out with her into the parking lot.

What happens next gets its own entry.

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]