Alas, my Kickstarter fundraiser did not reach its goal in time and the project went unfunded.

I wanted to thank everyone who pledged money and/or told their friends about it and I expect this will be the last time I use Kickstarter for -this- type of project.

As much as I appreciate everyone’s support, I didn’t get any pledges from people I didn’t know and that was never my intention.  I was hoping to get the word spread outside of my network and for people to see value in my project (and not just in me).  If I just wanted money from my friends and family I would have skipped Kickstarter.

Having worked on editing and releasing episodes of my 2003 Ireland trip – the first 5 of which are now online – I feel more comfortable with what I am really trying to accomplish.   Creating a series of freely distributed travelogue videos in episode form.

So where do I go from here?

I am still going to Turkey this summer and hope to make this project a reality (with a cameraman & writer).  If anyone knows of an organization or donor who might be interested in funding this project I have put together an online proposal here:

Check out the first 5 episodes of From Castle To Castle: Ireland

Also if anyone has any friends at Travel or Discovery be sure to put in a good word for me!