Peru Day 13 – Lima

So its 7am and we made it back to Lima.  The problem is – our flight doesn’t leave until 12:30 am.  So how do you kill 17 hours in Lima.

Well first you find a hotel.  We figured that the best thing to do was get a room just to shower and pack from so we could be decent on the flight back home.

We also found an amazing museum – The Rafael Larco Herrera Museum in Lima which  houses the largest private collection of pre-Colombian art: 45,000 pieces!  So we had the taxi take us to a hotel near it and we took a nap before venturing out.

The museum was gorgeous.  Very well organized and very educational.  The storage is open so you can see literally all 45,000 works just stacked on shelves – it was just crazy!

They also had a very fancy restaurant which we ate at and a really good gift shop so Tim finally got the reproductions he needed for teaching purposes.  Lastly, the erotic pottery was very well… explicit.

After spending the day there we headed back to the hotel.  Along the way we stopped to get money since we were told we would need $30us as an exit tax to leave the county.

The taxi to the airport was very scary.  He took a lot of side roads and Tim and I both thought we were being kidnapped!  But eventually we made it.

The airport experience was great.  Peru officials hand checked my film (that’s right 4 airports – 0h X-rays!) and they separated me and Tim to give us more room.  They showed “The Bucket List” on the flight again but I just slept into Atlanta.

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]