Peru Day 10 – Cusco to Puno

Well I got up before Tim and went to a travel agent to find out what to do next.  See its Wed am and we are in Cusco and on Sat pm we have to be in Lima.  Tim wants to fly but I don´t want to get caught in that mess and also want to lower the risk on my film.  I am up to 74 rolls (72 regular and 2 3d).

At the travel agent I arranged a bus from 11:30 from Cusco to Puno (but not a luxury bus – a bus that the locals take) and also a bus on Thursday night from Puno to Arequipa.  The lady told me that buses from Arequpia to Lima run regularly. She also got us a hotel in Puno – The Camino Real where I am writing from right now.

I woke up Tim, we at and headed out.  The bus was a real trip.  No AC and very filled with locals.  Every few minutes they would sell food.  The trip took longer than expected. I slept most of the way (thank you Dramamine and sore muscles) though at one point we stopped at people through their garbage out the window at some waiting dogs who scooped it all up.

We got into Puno and it is cold – I mean VERY cold. Winter cold.

I got up to write this and brief you all on the rest of the trip. On Friday the University is shutting down the blog server for the weekend so this might be my last entry till I return.

Its Thursday – we are in Puno and we visit Lake Titicaca and the floating islands – we bus tonight to Arequipa.

On Friday we visit the colonial town of Arequipa and maybe hit a museum of two.  Friday at 5pm we have first class seats on a luxury bus to Lima (its 14 hours).

Sat am we hit Lima where we will get a hotel room near the airport so we can shower and repack and leave our bags there while we hit a few more spots and then catch out 12:30 am (yeah that late flight)

We arrive back in Cleveland around noon on Sunday!

Thanks for reading will post more if I can.


[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]