On Packing the Technology for Turkey

I try not to overpack.  While I am going away for one month I will have laundry and really only need to pack as if I am going on a single 8 day trip (the last 8 days in Istanbul).  In fact its a light packing trip: golf shirts, jeans, toiletries, socks and undies and some pajama pants which all should fit nicely in one small suitcase.

However…. I am also documenting at the survey and exploring new media which means I need to pack the following technology kits.

1) Digital Camera Kit:
This is my Pentax K20D 14.7 MP camera.  I have the battery grip so that means 2 batteries (and 2 8GB SDHC Memory Cards – Class 6).  Which also means 2 chargers.  I am bringing 3 lenses, 10-20mm, 18-200mm, and a 50mm Prime lens (which came with my K1000 and I use for studio work).  Since there will be some studio work I will also bring the AC adapter for the camera and the USB cable (which is not a generic cable).

2) 3D Camera Kit:
This is my Fuji digital 3D camera with an 8GB Memory card, battery and another charger.  I also will bring a stereo slider bar for use with my Pentax (above) for studio work.

3) Panorama Camera Kit:
This is a Nikon CoolPix 8700 with a huge spot fisheye lens, for which I have 2 batteries and another 2 chargers. It takes CF cards, and I am bringing several 2GB ones.  The entire thing is mounted on a big metal bracket, on a rotator, and on a tripod leveler and head.  Its bulky but it works well.

4) Video Camera Kit:
I am bringing 2 Sony HDV tape cameras.  Each camera has a wide angle lens, a 6 hour battery (yes 6 hours!) and that of course means 2 more chargers.  Oh and i am bringing 55 hours of Sony HDV Tape.  Since I will not be encoding in Turkey I am also bringing a Flip HD tapeless camera with an add on wide angle lens (and a charger).

5) Audio Kit:
For the video I am bringing one nice camera mounted shotgun microphone with a really nice deadcat windscreen.  For this I must also bring extra 9volt batteries and shock mounting rubber bands.  I am also bringing a Zoom H2 audio recorder for higher quality in field recording for which I also have a memory card, another deadcat, and some AA batteries. For all this I am using Sony studio headphones.

6) Color Kit:
For color correction I am using an Expodisc which allows me to color calibrate the video and still camera with a manual white balance.  And for the studio work I am also bringing a color card for calibration.  No power here – thankfully!

7) Lighting:
For the video camera I have an LED Camera array (and battery and charger) and I am also bringing a reflector disc to possibly use in field work.

8) Mounts:
I am bringing a set of light but sturdy tripod legs and also a small video head.  I have a shoulder mount for the video camera as well as a hand mount that makes everything bulkier but easier to hold – the mic, the light, and the camera at the same time.  Everything uses  the same quick releases for ease interactions.

9) Backup:
For my data I have several cards and a hardshell carrier but I also have a Colorspace drive (and charger) for backup as well as a 1.5 TB Hard Drive for backup with a computer and a memory card reader.

10) Computers:
I am going all Apple this trip bringing with me my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone (whose SIM card I will remove in Chicago) and of course their chargers.  I also am bringing a video cable and mouse for the Macbook and a spare battery pack (and charger) for the iPhone.

11) Scanner:
I am bringing with me a PlanOn pen scanner as an experiment to see how useful it might be in the field.  More on that as it gets used.  It has a 2GB MicroSD card and charges via USB on the computer.

12) VR Turntable:
Since we will be doing some museum field work I am also bringing my 10 degree increment manual turntable. No power on that or my angle measurer but my laser measurer takes AAA batteries.

13) Cleaning Stuff:
Can’t forget cleaning supplies, lens clothes, lens pens, lens wipes, and air duster, a brush, and a sensor cleaning kit and head cleaning tapes (forgot that one last year). I also bring white gloves.

14) GPS Units:
Probably giving me the most amount of frustration are the 5 GPS Geologgers (and chargers) that I am trying to get configured for field work.  Only 2 of them are happy right now (and I can’t figure out why) so we will see how this works.  I only need one for my primary work but others would be ideal for an experiment I have in mind.

25) Power:
Don’t laugh – I already own 2 European power strips and a ton of outlet adapters but I always need more and the first thing I will do when I get there is hit a store for another strip.

So…. All of this has to fit in one carry on.  Well not all but most.  The cameras and at least every unique charger has to go in my one carry on and the rest (the less valuable and less temptable items – ie the mass of wires and the metal tubes) in one of my suitcases.  It is going to happen it is just a challenge.

I don’t THINK I forgot anything.

And, by the way, this is the cut list.  There was a lot more that didn’t make it, I am only packing what I know I can responsibly use.

I will be wearing hiking boots, a 2 liter water backpack, a photographers vest, backpack, and a wide brimmed hat. Wait till you see the pictures.

PS I have a research visa in my passport so it should be ok that I have all this equipment (not like in Peru where they did NOT like how many camera I had – though the French have never asked me about the quantity of equipment I have brought before).

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]