France Update: No Shit They Did It Again!


So we came back to the car after visiting the Chateau d’If in Marseilles and some asshole broke the drivers side little window (which I now know is called the deflector) got into the car – open the glove box, broke open the armrest – and got into the trunk.

Funnily enough other than the damage they didn’t steal anything… of mine.

Tim on the other hand lost two bags (one of them was very important and everything was valuable but useless to a thief).

So after three hours in a police station getting a police report we finally made out next stop VERY late.

Now we can’t secure the car and have two more days in it.

Man Plans

God Laughs

Jared Adapts

More as it happens….

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]