France Trip Update: Day 5-6 (Brief)

Day 5 -6
So the Internet was ‘broken’ at Mont Saint Michel so I wasn’t able to post.

I am very short on time again because there is so much to do behind the scenes so I will be very brief today (longer tomorrow) and instead will post some pictures.

Be warned I cannot edit on this computer so the JPG versions of the RAW pictures from the camera and are just as is without resizing or white balance correction. Hence the blueish tint.

(9) Chateau Ducal in Caen
(10) Mont Sain Michel (I count it as a castle it is a fortified fortress!)

Day 6

(5a) Cathedral in Chartres
(11) Chateau de Chissay (Where we slept!)

I will write more narrative when I have time – the Loire awaits and we have 3 castles to visit and one more to sleep in!






PS This last one is where we slept!

More soon!


[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]