France 2004 – Day 2-5 : Finally an Update

Since I haven’t seen an Internet Cafe I treated myself to 2 hours of wireless on my handheld. I can read but not reply to my email but I was at least able to delete some crap.

Boy this has been a challenge.

Anybody know what size pants they wear in France? How about underwear? And they stole my suspenders!!! Which I can’t find at the store.

How about which shampoo to get? They had head and shoulders. Which deodorant? How can you tell which soap is for what?

I spent 4 hours and $200 and barely got anything and that was at the mall.

Well it is Thursday night and I am sure some of you are wondering, where I am and where I have been?

I am currently in a little hotel in Angers – it was 29e a night which isn’t bad my best so far has been 22e.

It is Thursday Night and since my last post I have been to:

-Chateau de Bernicourt

-Amiens Cathedral – WOW was this place big.

-Mairie Trie Chateau

-Old Walls Trie Chateau

Slept the Night in Gisors

-Chateau Gisors

-Ruin on the D14

-Chateau Gaillard

-Monet’s Gardens in Giverny which was AMAZING and I’m told it was rare that it was sunny,

-Chateau La Roche-Guyon

-Chateau de Bizy

-Ruins of Chateau Robert le Diable – Saw it on the highway and stopped to photograph it.

-Chateau de Guillaume le Conquerant – Turns out the first time I was in Caen I missed it all together there are really 2 castles here Ducal and this one.

-Chateau Ducal

I spent the next night in Aunay-Sur-Odon

-Chateau Fougeres

-Chateau du Trecesson

-Dolmen de la Maison-Trouvee

-Chateau du Crevy

-Chateau de Josselin (de rohan)

-Chateau de Chateaubriant

I had dinner in Chateaubriant where I met a guy who light castles for a living. He took my map and gave me some real hole in the wall places that he though I might like along the way.

Anyways the adventure continues – I will find out mid next week how bad I’ve blown my budget. I have as yet to find a film shields and earplanes and need both before I leave the country.

I should be back on in a couple of days!

Oh and I’ve gone about 1500km.

And some automatic car – if you want it to actually shift right you need to shift it yourself – the automatic mode doesn’t work very well its more of a clutchless stick.


[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]