Final Still Camera Kit & Technology Woes!

One of my favorite sayings is – Man Plans – God Laughs!

I have been working on the multi-tiered approach to preparing for the trip one of which is to work out the photography equipment and then then videography stuff.

As mentioned in a previous note my photo kit should look like this:

Pentax K20D 14.6 MP dSLR
12-24mm Pentax Lens
55-300mm Pentax Lens
17-35mm Tamron Lens
2 Batteries
2 Battery Chargers
3 8GB High Speed Memory Stick
GiSTEQ PhotoTracker
Memory CardHolder
ColorSpace O with 160GB Hard Drive
Netbook Portable Computer
DC Adapter for Computer
DC Adapter for Camera Batter
Lens and Sensor Cleaning Supplies
Neck Strap
Wraps for Camera and Lenses

Sounds like a nice kit – not too big.

I went out and purchased the Wind u100 Netbook.  Nice little unit.
Got it on Sat, Configured it on Sunday, Battery won’t work on Mon!
Now I have to go back to Microcenter and get a new one!
I spent a lot of hours configuring it – getting Windows XP all nice and smooth and pretty.
I even had it running Photoshop CS3.

Knowing that I am bringing a notebook brought up another technological issue.
Should I purchase a USB GPS unit and then use the notebook for navigation as well?
It is very tempting.  But first I have to get one that works for more than 2 days.

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]