From Castle to Castle: Ireland

In 2003 armed with a very inexpensive DV camcorder, no mics and no crew I traveled to Ireland to explore the country.  The expedition was a huge success – 93 castles, 1,800 miles, and 120 rolls of film in 14 days – however the video footage remained on the shelf and unedited – until recently!  Now it has been unearthed and edited and I am releasing the trip as a series of webisodes!

Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes

“Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes” is a documentary travel film that invites you, the viewer, to join us on a whirlwind adventure around France as we scour the countryside for history, culture, food, & art.  Together we explore numerous monuments, castles, cathedrals, places of historic and cultural significance affording the widest possible vision of France.

The feature length (90-120 minute) film will be in English (some interviews will be in French with English subtitles). The final film will be screened locally, produced and distributed on Blu Ray & DVD, and available for streaming online.

My Cameroon Experience

The final version of ‘My Cameroon Experience’ (now a single 10 minute video).
This short film chronicles the highlights of my 3 week trip to Cameroon via its sights, sounds, and my own personal experiences.