France 2004 – Day 1 : They Took Everything

So I get back to my car and I’ve been robbed.

All that was left – 120 rolls of film – my cane – my umbrella – a hair tie – and the road atlas.

I spent the afternoon filing a police report.

The bad news is – no VR, no panoramas, no virtual world tests, no video.

But I have my film camera and film so the show goes on. They didn’t get my Nikon 880 but I will have to buy batteries for it since they stole the charger and the spares.

My friend Michelle lent me a charger for my handheld and as Wendy said the rest is just stuff. Now the here is hoping insurance company likes my list!

I need clothes and toiletries.

FYI I photographed 4 castles today
-Chateau Chantilly – nice but I got robbed
-Chateau Pontarne – I think it is privately owned
-Chateau Raray – A hotel
-Chateau d’Aramont – I don’t know what it was and it looked like it would fall down soon

I am in Valenciennes – without the video camera or the meter for the 3D camera shooting should go faster and I should shoot more spots.

I hate European keyboards.

Night all

Summary Day 1 – 4 Castles, 0 Possessions

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France 2004 – Day 1 : Crazy Crazy Day!!!

Well I arrived in Paris. No lost luggage or anything.

I was clever and only got 20 dollars changed at the airport because the rates are bad – more on that in a second.

So I pick up the car – get it all set up an comfy and get on the road.

I see a sign for Chateau Chantilly and figure even though it wasn’t on my list – why not?

It was great – got some great shots and they have an amazing art collection.

The funny thing is I spent all my cash on admission to the castle and then the lady reminded me that banks are closed on Mondays – this is not good.

At the gift shop they sold 3D photos which I got and a book on Durher which is very nice – they have a huge private collection – I almost got to see but the lady had a tour.

So on a bit of whimsy I went walking through the gardens and actually got lost – the GPS was in the car but with that much cover it light not have helped anyways.

I got lucky when I spotted an employee leaving through a locked gate and snuck out with her into the parking lot.

What happens next gets its own entry.

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France 2004 – Day 0 : Well I’m ready!!

I am fully packed – Finished with all my work – Ready to go!!!

And yes I saw on CNN that part of the Charles de Gaul Airport collapsed.

See you on the other side.

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France 2004 – Day 0 : The Packing Continues

Well my clothes are in the washer, my electronics are all assembled (but not packed), and I am almost done with the last of the work paperwork. I had to replace my GPS unit today. I looked everywhere for it but it appears that I lost it. There is some irony in losing a GPS – like getting your padlock stolen. I am sure it is somewhere and am comforted by the thought that IT knows exactly where it is. The good news is that the prices have gone down and the quality up so that I am taking a better GPS with me to France. Here is hoping I come back with it.

Well off to do to my whites and bills.

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France 2004 – Day 0 : Getting ready for the trip…

It’s Friday night. I’m finishing the planning for the trip. I have my maps. I have my CDs. I have my film and I have my schedule. I will attempt to post whenever I can. Don’t expect long entries just a quick where I am and where I am going.

Stay tuned.

Jared – sitting in my new (old) office in KSL – Cleveland, Ohio.

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