Scotland 2015: Day 23

Last day in Scotland!
I will start with some vanilla and toffee pancakes at the Albyn Townhouse.
First stop the Abbey & Palace of Holyrood House. It’s a two-fer four-fer! Its a castle, and a church, and 4 prints. All the prints are of the Abbey. Church #36.  This is Print #51.
Print #52
Print #53
Print #54. This last one was the hardest – too many trees! That’s my last print! I’m done! More about being done at the end of this post.
Last skulls for this adventure.
Holyrood Palace. That’s why it gets its own listing. Castle #74. The palace is still in use – the queen was just here 🙂
I said the queen was just here right? The gift shop knew she was here.
Up a long flight(s) of stairs – Castle #75. Edinburgh Castle.
If you go to Edinburgh Castle you have to have the tea service – even if you do hot cocoa instead of tea.
Old town Edinburgh – at a gift shop.
Electric bagpipes!
St. Giles Cathedral. Church #37
One last thing on my to do list and it’s free!! Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh. Historic #20. The guy who started the museum didn’t like children, he founded it so people could reminisce about their childhood.  Children are welcome now of course.
It’s a creepy doll museum!
Real creepy.
Cool but creepy!
Punch & Judy!
So many good old toys!
They even have phenakistiscopes!
To be honest though, I am here for the board games – I teach game design:
This last one got me in trouble:
The caption said it was the oldest board game in history. This didn’t make sense to me as I hadn’t heard of it, but it turns out that most modern board games do come from the Royal Game of Goose and my research led me down another rabbit hole of a project that is best mentioned at a later date!
Finally – my rack of lamb!!! Sadly it was terrible! I mean horrible. Worst meal in Scotland.
That’s it! The last sunset over Edinburgh Castle, in the rain of course! Goodbye Scotland!
Scotland 2015 Final Total
Days: 23
Prints: 54
Castles: 75
Churches: 37
Historic: 20
Nature: 11
Prehistoric: 8

Total Miles Traveled: 3,390!

Map Day 23: Edinburgh
Map Week 3 (+2 days):
This is the complete GPS trail of my expedition or this link to a live map:
But wait, there’s more! Don’t run away just yet! 

The Epilogue