Scotland 2015: Day 21

I spent a while last night carefully culling my list again. Yes the original list was insane and not possible but now a couple of long drives will make my updated list a reality!
It’s a mixed blessing today. Awesome breakfast but then I went back to the room and SLAMMED my knee into the bed frame so bad I can barely bend it now. But man that salmon was awesome!!!
Raining, of course. This is a relatively accurate view of an impossible picture. From across the water you can’t get this view, and the water is in the print! Another fanciful artist rendition. Castle #65 – Print #40. Castle Kennedy Gardens.
This one was ridiculously easy, and right past the Dunskey Castle trailer park. Castle #66 – Print #41 – Dunskey Castle. I can’t imagine being a kid and getting to grow up with a castle ruin to play it. And everyone I talk to, tells me about growing up playing in castle ruins.
Wow. Nature #11 – Ailsa Craig.
This one is very weird. To get here, I pulled past a parking lot and ended up on the tarmac of an old, and no longer in use, airport. I drove across the overgrown runways, which was surreal, as far as I could and then parked and walked carefully to the golf course.
If you sneak onto a golf course, you need to be VERY careful, especially if people are playing. I have done this before – I hunt castles – there are often ruins on golf courses. It is even worse if it is famous course. This is a famous course.
The famous Turnberry golf course a.k.a Trump Turnberry. Really didn’t want to get busted here.  There is a lighthouse but only a little bit of the ruin left. Castle #67 – Print #42. Turnbury Castle.
This place was huge and even had a kiddie park, gardens, & swan boats! Castle #68 – Culzean Castle.
A tricky one but a fun one! I walked into the gift shop and showed them my print. They were confused. They admitted the name was right and that the buildings looked right but had no idea what angle it was taken from.  Not the front, not the back, not the side. I ended up walking into some farmers field taking a picture from an angle that makes NO sense unless you want to take a huge 3 dimensional landscape and put it all on one line, from the diagonal! Church #31 – Print #43 – Crossraguel Abbey.
This is unusual for an Abbey – that’s a murder hole!
A ruined castle on the side of the road – too close not to stop – Baltersan Castle. I looked it up! Castle #69!
The rain just came back pretty hard. What is worse I am right by the coast so its the stinging kind. This is a big public park and requires another unusual angle. Though the tree does cover up the skate park nicely. Castle #70 – Print #44. Dunure Castle.
Down the road. The rain stopped suddenly and now there is too much sun. Not much left of the castle but fun to wander around the beach waiting for the sun to hide behind a cloud. Actually it was a little terrifying. There was sort of tent city setup and I had to wander through it, people of all ages living a rather makeshift existence, and here I am covered in technology.  I got glares but no one spoke to me. Castle #71 – Print #45 – Greenan Castle. Time to drive! The further I drive – the more time I will have in Edinburgh. did me a really solid tonight! 12th century castle for $67!!! Castle #72 – Shieldhill Castle.
I deserve a nice dinner in a castle right? 2 more days and then I head back to the states.
Scotland 2015 Totals
Days: 21
Prints: 45
Castles: 72
Churches: 31
Historic: 16
Nature: 11
Prehistoric: 8
Map Day 21: Stranraer to Quothquan
Technically this is the end of week 3 but with only 2 days left I will wait for the big map.