Scotland 2015: Day 2

Now that’s a Scottish breakfast!

A tiny boat ride to…

Church #4 – Inchmahome Priory.

Very exciting! Not on my original list but the guy at the last place told me I had to come. Castle #3 – Doune Castle.

Terry Jones recorded the audio tour because they filmed Holy Grail here! I was there for a long time. Each part of the audio tour is like a regular audio tour and then Terry Jones asks if you want to hear all about the Holy Grail and they play bits from the movie and give you all sorts of trivia about what was filmed where. I listed to the entire thing! And and they filmed some Outlander here as well – blah blah.


I think this is the right point of view – Castle #4 – Newark Castle, Port Glasgow.- Print #2.  However, I don’t think the original artist was on a boat and I am guessing the water and rocks is artistic license.

Newark Castle, Port Glasgow. Nothing like a 15th century spiral staircase…

I’m on a boat (with my car)! You have to go into the GPS on the car and turn off the “avoid ferries” feature or it will try and drive you all over the place. And in fact when planning the trip Google had a terrible time finding navigation from place to place. If I wanted good directions that included ferries (and timetables) I would have to use… gasp… Bing Maps.  No joke. But it worked great.

My view from the ferry since I was the first on!

In for the night at The Cedars Guest House. View from my room of the Firth of Clyde – had Chinese takeaway for dinner – very spotty Internet 🙁

Clearly I am in the UK!

This is my nightly charging routine.

Scotland 2015 Totals
Days: 2
Prints: 2
Castles: 4
Churches: 4
Historic: 2
Map Day 2: Aberfoyle to Dunoon