OMG I Leave Tomorrow!

So much to do.

Its hard to imagine but I really am leaving town for an entire month!

Whenever I travel I try to remind myself not to over-pack and that if I forget something that I can purchase most items when I am there. Of course I mean silly things like toothpaste no technology or equipment (or as in a previous trip to France – an electric razor).

I’ve done some more equipment testing and have decided not to bring an external microphone or an external video light for my still camera (I am bringing studio lights). I went through my memory and can’t recall being in a situation in which I have had call for it. This trip really isn’t about video.

I will bring my geologger again – I can’t imagine shooting without it – but I might only bring the one this year (and a spare battery pack).

I’ve also decided not to bring my shoulder mount – again it seems more video specific.

Now of course I am worried that I am under-packing.

In addition to clearing from my plate all of my work responsibilities I am also getting ready to ‘take work with me’. This means making sure all of my data is backed up as well as bringing the right about of data with me (and ensuring that my data is available in ‘the cloud’).