France Trip Update: Day 16-18

Day 16
(31) Chateau de Malmaison
(16a) Tour Eiffel

Day 17
(32) Chateau de Versailles
(and everything that goes along with it)

Day 18
(17a) Notre Dame de Paris
(18a) Sacre Cour
… Internet Cafe

OK So the hotel is fantastic! Great location great price – No Internet.

This is a quick update from an Internet Cafe.

We returned the car after a quick trip to Chateau Malmaison and then went to the Eiffel tower where I had a great time hustling the salesmen for cheap trinkets.

We spent the next day at Versailles. Wow it was so tiring! After we hunted down a movie theater and I got to see the new Tom Hanks film. It was OK but very welcome to have some media in my life (and some popcorn).

Today we went to Notre Dame which closed early to have a service for the victims of that flight from Rio. We will go back so we can climb the tower. Next we went to Sacre Cour. I have been there before but never have I climbed as high. I mean I climbed the tower but not to the very very top of the dome – wow that was intense. I mean the staircase was OVER the dome.

OK that’s enough for now.

PS I am still clean shaven and wearing a blue shirt!


[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]