France 2004 – Day 5-6 : An Internet Cafe

Well it is a Cafe that has 2 computers in the back that they rent out.

I get waves of happiness when I think I didn’t pack my keys, or leather jacket.

I could really use some Aloe Vera Gel for my sunburns.

I have 2 weeks to find lead film bags – this is going to be trouble. I hope I can find in Bordeaux.

OK enough whining.

I am in Chartres and the Stained glass is wonderful. I climbed top the top – over 300 steps OUCH.

When I last wrote I was in a hotel outside Angers heading east – which I guess is wrong since you are supposed to travel the Loire from east to west.

I went to the Chateau de Montgeoffroy which was just the Castle at the end of a dirt road.

I went to the Chateau de Saumur which has great Dungeons.

Then to the Chateau de Montsoreau – lovely but a real travesty of overdone multimedia – you couldn’t see the inside of the castle because of all the exhibits.

Next to the Abbaye Royal de Fontevraud – very nice – famous dead people.

Took some lovely photos of the Eglise Saint Michel there and learned all about Stencil Illumination.

Saw the fortified city and Chateau of Chinon

Finally got up close to the Chateau of Usse which I had seen years ago from a train and a bus.

Then to the amazing gardens of Villandry – very peaceful – I met some Americans there and funnily enough bumped into them here 200km later and they told me about this cafe.

I got lost and ended up at the Chateau de Bourdaisiere and almost got locked in – probably cause I snuck in – I made it out and then spent last night in Amboise.

Amboise int the home of the Chateau du Clos Luce where Leonardo da Vinci lived his last 3 years (he died here too) – there is a secret tunnel to the Chateau Royal d’Amboise where his Tomb is. You have to pay 11€ to see the house and there is some sort of park with is inventions – but interesting anyways.

Then off to Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire where I got lucky and found a hidden path that led around the Castle – i.e. I didn’t pay – I paid plenty at The Chateau de Chambord – not in admission – I was HUNGRY.

I stopped in Beaugendo which has some unusual stuff for the Loire – mostly 12 century it has a keep a tower and some other fun stuff.

Then I came here – I’m too close to Paris and so much driving to do and maybe some castles to see while it is still light.

Summary – 1826km – 34 castles – 5 churches – 1 other (Monet’s gardens)

More in a few days…

[Re-posted from my University Blog & Edited 07/01/2011]