OK – so the question was asked what is food like here?

Well for breakfast its pretty much olives, cheese, bread, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Yesterday for lunch we had rice and chickpeas.

For dinner we had noodles and chicken.

After dinner I went into the village to get an ice-cream bar but instead stopped at the local bakery.

I ‘tried’ to get 2 pieces of baklava but he misunderstood me and instead of 2 pieces to go I was given to plates of baklava for eat it.  Bert was with me so we sat down and ate our 2 pieces of baklava each.

Total cost? 5 Turkish Lira = $3.18 (for 6 pieces)

Yum Yum

On the way out I passed some good looking cakes but I am not that far off my diet wagon yet.